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5 Reasons To Get Your Dog Licensed

Being a dog owner requires all sorts of responsibility. One that is often overlooked is registering your dog with your city government and getting him licensed. In the city of San Francisco alone, for example, only 16 percent of dogs are estimated to be licensed. Failing to license your dog can hinder your chances of getting him back if picked up by the pound and can get you in trouble with the law.

Neighbor helps save Martindale city councilwoman from vicious dog attacks

It was "neighbors helping neighbors" when a man stopped his car to help a woman being attacked by dogs in Martindale Wednesday afternoon not knowing who she was.

I was Bitten by Neighbor’s Dog, Police Cannot Help. Should I ask the Condo to have the Dog Removed?

There are situations where animals are permitted to remain while leashed, but if the owner has knowledge that the creature may bite, he or she may be liable for damages or a remedy to the circumstances.

It is important to research local regulations for the state where the animal and tenant reside. For many states, it does not matter if the owner knows that the dog may bite. He or she is still responsible for the incident. When strict liability is involved, there are many instances where the victim is afforded various remedies to the event. This means the person bitten has recourse with the law or housing authorities due to civil liability.

The "One-Bite" Rule for Dogs

In some states, you could be liable for an injury caused by your dog only if you knew or should’ve known that the animal was dangerous.