1. Can I leave the tag on my dog all the time?

They are designed so the they can be left on your dog at all times or they can be put on or taken off when you are taking your dog out in public.

2.   What if I am not sure of my dogs temperament?

Consult an expert or one of the online guides or use your best judgement and error on the conservative side using a red or yellow tag until your dogs has proven to be safe around all people and animals you encounter.

3. Can I suggest other dog owners get them for their dogs?

Yes, the more you spread the word and encourage dog owners to use them the more they can enjoy a better and safer community for your pets, children and elderly and because part of the cost goes to shelters they will be helping other pets in need.

4. Can I buy them and sell them at dog parks or dog events and rescues?

Yes we have an affiliate program where you can sign on as a third party ambassador including individuals, schools, soccer leagues, boy scouts, etc.

5. At what age should I start teaching my child to look for the tag to know whether a dog is safe to approach.

As soon as your child is capable of walking and encountering a dog without your presence you should make sure they understand to never approach a dog without asking permission or if the dog does not have one of our green tags on his collar.

6. Can I put more than one tag on my dog?

If they are the same tag yes. Some people put an additional tag on their dog's leash for added visibility.

7. I live in an apartment building, can I request the manager have dog owners use tags to make other non-dog owning tenants more comfortable and less fearful?

Yes, the additional safety inherent in having dogs wear the tags will help reduce problematic incidents in your apartment complex and make tenants and visitors more comfortable and less stressed around people and dogs they do not know.

8. How can I get involved in helping my community adopt using the tags?

Speak to your local council person and explain that it would be good public policy to have dog owners use the tags to make the community more dog friendly and because a portion of the costs go to the ASPCA and Humane Society they will be helping other pets in need.