After several years of development, consulting with trainers and field tests we have created the fastest and safest way to reduce unsafe or problematic encounters for dog owners.

While the solution might seem simple it was developed after studying the most successful safety measures used in our daily life. From hazardous materials warnings, communicating with the hearing impaired, even food safety. Each situation relies on a universal symbol made ubiquitous to communicate important information.

You might over look a gas gage warning light or a restaurant which got a B, but each of these symbols is designed to provide you a measure of safety so you don't have to guess or encounter a situation that could be hazardous… and they work.

Now you and your pet can provide the same measure of safety to yourselves and your community. This small symbol provides strangers an ease in knowing what your pets likely reaction to them is and what your wishes are without saying a word.

Select the appropriate tag for your dog and start communicating your wishes and your dog’s temperament today. And because a portion of the cost of each tag goes to the Humane Society and the ASPCA, you will be helping other pets in need.